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Communication change in Church office

Approximately 3 years ago the church shifted from an on-site PABX system with an outdated mode of connecting people and calls across all of the team. We moved to a cloud based version of this, including a desk phone for most of the team that were in the office regularly.

While this has served us well, the reality of ministry is that we are rarely in the office to take a call and by the time we get to the desk to check messages and get back to people, the need has often passed. As a result, we are making a shift in how this all works.

While the office will continue to have a desk phone and the auto-attendant will meet those who call the primary church number, (06) 844 2998, the direct dial numbers will now go directly to cellphones.

This means the local numbers you find on the back of the bulletin will now reach the various people on their cellphones. The reason we have chosen this path is that it allows us to turn that connection off when people are on leave, allowing for some space from the queries and questions during times of rest.

Alan will share more about this as the different parts are implemented, but we hope that this will improve your ability to connect with the people you need to reach.

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