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Junior Youth Decode the Exodus

Through Term Four, the Junior Youth Group has been watching a documentary called 'The Exodus Decoded" which explores the historic realities of the Exodus story and seeks to explain how some of the miraculous events could also carry something of a natural explanation. Over a series of weeks, watching short pieces, the group explored the possible time of the Exodus, some of the evidence in archeology and how everything could have come together to see the Hebrew's depart Egypt and head for the promised land.

After all of the sessions, the quiz at the end sort to draw out how much had been retained with a series of 11 increasingly hard questions to draw out a top winner. While some did an amazing job of guessing, it was Sid who ultimately came away with the win with a total of 9 from 11 correct.

The Junior Youth Group will wind up for 2023 on Tuesday, 19 December gathering at 5pm for an outing. Contact the office for more information. Open to all aged between 8 and 13 years.

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