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November Messy Church: Looking back and looking forward

On Saturday, 18 November we will gather for our final Messy Church of 2023. Amongst the disruptions and challenges of the past 12 months, Messy Church has been a constant in so many peoples live and is something so many young people (and, if we're honest, older) look forward to each month.

Beginning at 4pm, this months gathering will have a focus on Remembrance Day and the recalling of the wars that have been fought and those who have died. But with the gathering leading into Christmas, we will also look ahead to that celebration and to what makes it a celebration - the promise of peace.

We quickly loose sight of Christmas as a day not of presents and family but as a day of fulfilment. The first Christmas day, which saw the birth of Jesus, was not a surprise and 'out of the blue'. The prophets of the Old Testament had foreseen it, proclaimed it and declared what it meant. They declared that it would mean peace. Peace with God and peace between nations. It would be a peace won through the presence of the true King of all creation.

As we come together for this final Messy Church, the activities, games and celebration will be around the fact that Christmas is an acknowledgement that God has been amongst us, and that God is for us. Something worth celebrating!

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