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Pākowhai Funding Committee Update

Following the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle last year, communities scrammbled to respond to the needs of their neighbours and areas. In Pākowhai, it was our church that stepped into the gap as the umbrella organisation through which funding could be granted and the distributed.

As part of this arrangement, Alan and other members of our community have worked closely with the funding committee in Pākowhai to provide the support and help needed by residents to re-establish their lives the best they can.

We are now coming into the report and accountability season for those grants, and so it was felt right that we share some of the financial information with the parish to ensure there is the transparency and accountability within our own community as well.

Total Grants Received: $692,843.63

Total Expenses: $587,213.64

Made up of:

  • Direct Grants: $432,500

  • Administration Expenses: $51,960

  • CCTV System: $68,689

  • Other Expenses (vouchers/events): $34,064

The funding committee is considering a number of initiatives for the remaining funds, including support of the Pakowhai War Memorial Hall and particularly a celebration of its re-opening.

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