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Tax Receipts Being Prepared

With the end of the financial year, the receipts for giving over the 2023 tax year are now being prepared. This is quite a process as we maintain a high level of confidentiality around the information and its connection to names and families so we have set the date of April 20 to have these completed and sent out. We are hopeful it will be sooner than this.

If we have an email address for you, these will be sent to the address in the first instance. If we do not, then we will post them in the Parish Post and physically post them if you do not collect them.

These receipts give you the opportunity to apply to IRD for up to a 33% rebate on what you have given (depending on how much tax you have paid) as charitable giving is considered non-taxable income.

If you currently give by cash or do not give but would like to, please contact the church office or speak with Michael, our Treasurer, for more information.

Sally Harris, Church Office:

Michael, Parish Treasurer:

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