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This site contains all the essential information you need to take part in our Annual General Meeting to be held on Sunday, March 10 from 11:30am in the Parish Hall, 23 Puketapu Road, Taradale.

Yearbook 2023

Click here to access the Yearbook

Our 'Yearbook' collects the Agenda, previous minutes and key reports from leaders, governance and ministry teams. As reports and details come in this will be updated.


Minutes of AGM 2023

Click here for Minutes of 2023 AGM

Above you can access the minutes of our previous AGM, which will be confirmed at our gathering this year.


2023 Financial Report

Annual Financial Report for 2023

Please click above to access the Annual Accounts of the Parish for 2023. There is ongoing discussion between our Treasurer and the Diocese regarding some matters and means of reporting used in this document. There is no disagreement on the underlying financial position it expresses.


Proposed Budget for 2024

Budget for 2024 including Projects funded from Reserves

Above represents the budget accepted by Vestry to be presented and approved by the Annual General Meeting.

Get in Touch

Please click here to contact the church office if you have any issues with access or have any queries.

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