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As a church, we are committed to offering spaces for the wider community to use. We want to be a place of connection, community and collaboration so if you have an event, new business or community building idea we would love to hear from you.

Check out our facilities below and see whether they are booked through the live calendar system.

All Saints' Complex

23 Puketapu Road, Taradale, Napier

Parish Community Hall, Napier

The Parish hall is approximately 200 square metres in size and can accommodate up to 300 people. With a commercial kitchen attached, this venue can accommodate almost any event or occassion. Ideal for groups, dinners, birthdays and celebrations when you need just that bit more space.

The Octagon, Napier

Named for its eight-sided design, the Octagon is an open, multi-purpose space with a small kitchenette and special facilities for children. The venue is used regularly for community groups, discussions, meetings, playgroups and concerts. If you are looking for a performance venue or just a place to gather, check out the Octagon.

Enid Lemmon Lounge

Named after a late parishioner whose generosity helped see it built, the Enid Lemmon Lounge is ideal for smaller gatherings of under 100 people. With access to a commercial kitchen and television, this venue can hold a meal, a gathering, a meeting or celebration.

All Saints Church

All Saints' Church

With the first parts of this historic church building completed in 1875, All Saints' has been a central part of the Taradale community for nearly 150 years. The building is still centrally a gathering place of the church, but is also available for major moments in life. Whether it is a space in which you may like to be married, or it is where you would like to be farewelled from, you can learn more by contacting us.

St Michael's, Puketapu

86 Vicarage Road, Puketapu, Napier


The hall at St Michael's Church is a well-appointed space that opens onto a beautiful green lawn and the perfect location for small gatherings, meetings or retreats. The hall includes airconditioning, kitchenette, toilet facilities, internet access and the ability to video conference if needed. For more information about the hall and availability, please contact (06) 845 3447


This beautiful space has been a central part of life in Puketapu for generations. Sitting atop a hill overlooking the village, the Church of St Michael and All Angels is a stunning space for weddings, and continues to be a space of gather for the celebration of new life in baptism and the celebration of life lived in funeral services. For more information about St Michael's, contact (06) 845 3447

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