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We all have burning questions - why am I here, what does this all mean, is there more to life than this - but we don't often have a chance to explore them.

Alpha is a space to meet with others, engage with ideas and talk about anything and everything.

What is Alpha?

When we run Alpha, it is a 9 week programme gathering on Thursday evenings from 6pm for dinner, before moving into some content and then conversations at tables. It is informal and relaxed and you don't need anything more than your thoughts and opinions to share.

Does it cost?

There is absolutely no cost to come along to Alpha. As a community, we love when people ask big questions about life, meaning and purpose so we want to create space for that. All food and childcare is covered while you attend.

Do I need to be a Christian?

Definitely not. You can have a firm belief in something or be of the mind that there is nothing 'there' to believe in. Alpha is a space for those conversations. We believe Jesus has some great answers to what life is all about, but you might not agree and that is fine.

What should I expect?

We hope you will find a friendly space with warm food, warm conversations and a space to talk through ideas. The times together will begin with a meal together, then we will watch a short video with some content to help discussions and then we have time at tables to talk about our thoughts and to reason through our responses.

What is Alpha like?

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