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At Taradale Anglican, we believe in the ministry of all the saints, which means we encourage people to discover and exercise the special gift that God has given them to serve the church and the community. With that attitude, our people are always keen to try something new and build something for others.

While the list below expresses some of the ministries that occurs, much of it happens at the fellowship of tables and coffee or at one another's home. The Church is so much more than programmes and formal ministries, so if you are looking for a place to connect join us at worship, meet some of our people and see where you can call home.

Children's Ministry

Mens' Ministry

Whether it is over a breakfast, fixing a fence, solving a problem or just sharing a cup of coffee, the men of our community like to get together. You are welcome to join us at any of our upcoming Mens' Ministry events. You can find out more by clicking the link below.

Youth Ministry

At Taradale Anglican we believe that we need to invest in the leaders of our communities and our churches today. Our youth group meets weekly through term time to have fun, connect, explore the Christian faith and be supported in their lives by the models of others. If you want to know more, click below to be taken to our youth page.

Men's Ministry
Coffee Cups

Women's Fellowship

At Taradale Anglican, we believe women can change the world and with women's' fellowship we try to encourage one another to grow and serve in the ways God has called us. With a great morning tea, a drive to support the hungry and fundraising to help communities in need, women's fellowship, like all things women do, achieves incredible things. Come and join us.

Drop-In Centre

Every Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 12pm the Drop In Centre is open and ready to meet you. This is simply a space to come, have some coffee and share a biscuit and just be with other people. Whether you are at home alone, not as mobile as you once were or simply looking for some companionship, come along and join us anytime. There is always a seat and a cup for you!

Tea Set
Sunset Views

Pastoral Support

We believe that God calls us into relationships with people intentionally, and sometimes those relationships are ones that bring healing and wholeness. Whether it is through counselling, coaching, friendship or prayer, Taradale Anglican will try and connect with you and help you to become all that God has called you to be. To get in touch for pastoral support, or just to touch base with one our our priests, you're welcome to click below.

Home Groups

Community is everything, and when it comes to being a community that can make a difference, home groups take the prize. Whether through fellowship, study, prayer or simply friendship, these small groups can help you grow your faith and deepen your relationship with God. At Taradale Anglican we have an array of different home groups focussed on different dimensions of life and different stages. For more information, click below.

Bible discussion group
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