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A look behind the scenes

You probably already know this, every 2nd & 4th Wednesday is Community Lunch. you can imagine how busy it can get.

I've started writing this on Tuesday and Carol is busy in the kitchen getting a head start on the lunch preparations. Carol always has music on and her singing is from the heart. Every now and then I can hear a clatter and a clang and I hope she is OK?

She is busy making the biggest trifle you have every seen. I love the way she doesn't get flustered and is always ready to laugh or dance.

When I arrived this morning (Wednesday) the kitchen is in full swing, more volunteers have arrived and are busy bustling around, setting up tables and chairs, peeling spuds and chopping veggies. Counting the numbers to make sure we have enough seating and portions with military precision.

Hungry chatting people have started to arrive while Peter (this week) is busy writing his chat and jokes.... I do hope they are better than Alan's!

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