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Messy CHurch Roadshow

In May 2024 the Messy Church National Team are doing a Training Road-trip from Auckland to Cromwell bringing guests Rev Dr Dave Gregory and Rev Gregory Ross from the UK and Western Australia to somewhere in NZ near you. We will be visiting 8 different centres and offering training for those running Messy Church or interested in finding out what Messy Church is all about. Including All Saints', Taradale on Saturday 18 May.

Rev Dr Dave Gregory is a Baptist Minister from the UK who is now the Baptist Missioner on Science and the Environment. He is also the editor of Messy Church Does Science and co-editor for Messy Adventures plus many other publications. Rev Greg Ross is a Uniting Church Minister in Bunbury and Regional Coordinator for Messy Church in Western Australia and a writer of many articles for Messy Church publications. Come and be prepared to be surprised as you discover how to share aspects of God’s story through science experiments and more. The workshops will help resource your Messy Church leaders to include projects on care of creation, science and the environment, and hope facing disaster in your next Messy Church event. We will also go deeper into the basics such as MC values and process, supporting your teams, and going beyond Messy.

The training day will run from registrations at 9:30am at All Saints and close at around 2:30, including a lunch break in the middle. Following the training day, the Messy Church national crew will run a full Messy Church gathering from 4pm to 6pm at All Saints'. With a focus on Pentecost, expect flames, fun and fantastic activities! Dinner included.

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