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Children and Families Growth

Over the past two years, Taradale Anglican has really spread its wings within the Children and Ministries space. Alongside a lovely relationship with the Napier Toy Library, the launch of Connect Music, Connect AfterSchool, Sunday School and the Junior Youth Group have all been areas that have seen major growth of connections and relationships. Each has seen new people come into our midst, many engaging with gospel stories and confronting something of who Jesus is and what his life means.

Amongst all this growth, however, the ministry team has found themselves run off their feet. As a response to this, we are please to announce we are advertising for the role of a Children and Youth Pastor. The role will be 20 hours a week, and incorporate the support and leadership of the groups we already have, and the building up of a greater volunteer pool to lead these ministries into the future. Alongside this we are making plans to launch a Senior Youth Group once again in the coming months.

Children, Youth and Families is a space of intentional investment for our church. Perhaps best articulated in the metaphor of a sports team. If you want a sustainable team, you cannot only invest in the 'team' you presently have, you must be doing the work of youth development and identifying leaders who can step up in the future. When we let go of this, it doesn't matter how strong our team may be, it will not be sustainable. We are doing the work of engaging people with the story and work of the Church - a work that is proving fruitful both to our present and what we may become in the years ahead.

If you are interested in the role or know someone else who might be, you can learn more and apply by clicking here.

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