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Come and See

Experience the story of Jesus' life, death and resurrection in a new and captivating way through the video series "The Chosen".

The Chosen is a fan-supported seven-season episodic experiences that recreates authentically and intimately the story of Jesus' life and ministry. As a community, we will be offering 'watch nights' through the beginning of 2024 to give everyone a chance to experience this story together.

Gathering on Thursday evenings on a fortnightly basis, the gathering will be a simple coming together to watch the series in the company of others and to share in tea and coffee and a biscuit or two. This is a great opportunity to introduce a friend or a relative to the story of Jesus is a non-confrontational way and to begin conversations about who Jesus is and what he achieved.

The group will be led by Wendy and Derry Boylan, who also led our Alpha series in 2023. More information will come out on Sunday, 28 January.

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