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Culinary Flair among the Junior Youth

Updated: Feb 7

On the evening of Saturday, 3 February the Junior Youth Group at Taradale Anglican Church showed off their remarkable culinary skills by preparing a 5 course meal for their parents to enjoy, including full table service and an a la carte dessert menu.

The initiative was planned for two key reasons. The first was to give a goal to the young people who prepare their own dinner every time they gather, learning new skills and cooking tricks along the way. The second was to give them a way to say thank you to their parents and to 'spoil' them in return. On the whole, the parents were wowed by the standard and the calibre of what was prepared and by the service they received.

Huge thanks needs to be offer to Julie Joule for her masterful management of the kitchen and guidance in preparing the food. Without her stead leadership, there were points the kitchen may have tumbled! With over 8 hours of solid work, the youth group did a magnificent job of preparing a delicious meal. Check out some of the photos below.

If you have a young person between the ages of 8 and 13, they would be welcome to join us at our fortnightly gatherings. We prepare our meal, tidy up the vege garden, play some games, share in food and learn a little more about who Jesus is, who he says we are and what his life means.

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