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Easter Egg-stravaganza a great success

On Saturday, 23 March we hosted the Easter Egg-Stravaganza. Every year this gathering seems to get bigger and bigger, with this year the church hosting between 250 and 300 people on the hunt through clues, signs and symbols to get their easter egg treasure.

We wish to thank the generosity of Greenmeadows New World who supplied a large portion of the Easter Eggs for the event. The joy it brought and the sense of excitement it created for Easter was a wonderful thing to see.

As part of the hunt, different ages had to undertake different challenges. Very young children had to find plastic eggs that they could decorate, primary aged children had to decode letters in the church and find an Easter word and finally the older kids (and their families) had to follow a series of very challenging clues to find letters hidden around the grounds and unscramble their word to get their horde of chocolate.

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