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Equipping others, equipping the Saints

As a church we are marked by a vision to connect, equip and serve the city of Napier. Connection marks our attempts to reach out and build community, to be a centre of community life and to take positive relationships out into our city. Service marks the places we do mission, whether in the form of the common good, evangelism, proclamation and the meeting of human need. Equipping is the space we seek to grow one another to live 'lives to their fullest' as Jesus promises, by helping us to grow personally, spiritually and communally.

As a part of the 'equipping' goal of our vision, we have launched "Pro Sanctis" which is a community education initiative that seeks to share the gifts, talents, skills and hobbies we carry as people and a community with the city in the form of classes, workshops and encounters where people can engage with new ideas and hobbies to stretch them into new places.

With lots planned for our first run in Term Three (beginning July 22), check out the website to see what is being offered and where you might find some new learning or joy. You can also enrol through this website.

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