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'Every Bite' Workshop

Every Bite Workshop 27th April 10-12pm The Octagon

Did you know that the average kiwi household wastes $644 of food annually? Or that that reducing food waste is the #1 action that we can take to help keep global warming lower than 2 degrees?

And while composting is a great first step to reducing methane emissions arising from food waste being disposed of in landfill, we often forget that the supply chain the grows, transports and sells the food is extremely carbon intensive, and these emissions are still for nought if the food is composted, consumed by pigs or fed to our every hungry worm farms.

It's time to take action!

Sustainable HB has partnered with Zero Waste Network and Environment Hubs Aotearoa to design a new food waste prevention programme, that provides households with tools and tips to reduce food waste at their home.

Each workshop will have attendees discussing the importance of food, pro-tips and learning some practical steps that can save you dollars in the pocket, while also helping our ever-stressed planet.

You can register your interest here

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