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Exploring the Exodus

This term, the Junior Youth group is doing a deep dive on the story of the Exodus.

This incredible story of enslavement, liberation, law, and wilderness shares profound insight into the way God calls and guides, as well as how God has acted in history to bring about a purpose - in this case the calling of a nation.

The historic part is the focus of the exploration. Watching the document produced by James Cameron that takes another look at the history of the Exodus, we are seeing the points of Egyptian history that match with the story and even where a confluence of natural history, cultural tale and biblical witness come together in the experience of the plagues.

The kids have a challenge to remember as much as they can, with a quick test at the end rendering an prize for the one who can best express the point the documentary was making.

The Junior Youth Group meets fortnightly on Tuesdays from 5pm in the Lounge at All Saints Church. If you are interested in joining, click here

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