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Growing partnership

A core part of the strategic plan of our community is to find partners across the non-profit and community impact spaces of the city to ensure that, between us all, we can leverage the gifts and resources we have to serve more people. One of the spaces this is continuing to grow is with Nourished for Nil.

With a number of our members already engaged in a voluntary capacity with Nourished for Nil, conversations quickly moved to the various number of community groups and ministries we as a church run and how they are resourced to feed others and be places of hospitality. Through the actions of one member in particular, we have found ourselves to now have an ongoing agreement with Nourished for Nill to help supply some of our community-oriented groups and ministries with some of the food, tea and coffee they receive. Not only will this help them manage their stock levels, but it will save our community potentially thousands of dollars on restocking these items.

This is the beginning of a partnership that we hope could grow as greater storage areas and spaces come available at All Saints' and other church plants, allowing us to act as a small distribution hope or other support station to the work of Nourished for Nil and the Napier Foodbank.

Watch this space for ongoing developments as we work with others in our city to make a difference for those who need it.

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