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Junior Youth: Challenge Accepted

As part of the Junior Youth's commitment to the World Vision 40 Hour Challenge they not only completed a famine over the weekend of 14 to 16 June, they also attended a sleepover that saw them experience a night at All Saints' from the 15th to 16th. All part of a simulation called 'Slum Survivor' the young people were challenged with making cardboard shacks that were then weather tested, cooking a meal (for those that could eat) of dahl and flatbread and undertaking a series of challenges to engage them in some small part of the way so many millions live everyday.

Following the sleepover, a few of the young people helped to lead the 10am service the next morning and to lead the reflection in the service. The reflection they offered is attached below.

All of this was part of an initiative to raise money for the 40 Hour Challenge, this year going to support farmers in Timor-Leste to develop sustainable practices and land in the face of changing weather and more severe storms. At the time of writing, they had raised just shy of $1,000 which places them as the second highest level of fundraising of churches engaged in the challenge this year. Well done everyone.

A huge thank you to all of the leaders and young people that might the sleepover and the famine work!

Kids Reflection
Download DOCX • 20KB

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