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Kitchen Refurbishment updated

Updated: 1 day ago

On Easter Monday, a small group of people got together to pull out part of the kitchen in the parish hall. This wasn't vandalism. Instead it was preparing the ground for the work to be done on Tuesday and Wednesday to create a new space for the catering that is offered by our community and to other charities that feed thousands.

After months of conversations with those who most use the kitchen, we settled on a plan that was shared about a month ago. That plan is now coming to reality as the cabinetry is in and the place reshaped. The appliances should arrive shortly and the kitchen be ready to go by Friday, 5 April.

Update - we cooked our first Community Lunch and it was a success, two other groups have also commented on how wonderful it is. The hob is suitable for more pans and the oven is much larger.

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