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Lent: Reconnecting with God and with others

The season of Lent begins for our Church on Wednesday, 14 February with the traditional service and day of Ash Wednesday. This gathering that draws to our remembrance our reality as dust within the greater scheme of the world begins a season of reflection, confession, commitment and reconnection. An intentional time of connecting with God and others through new activities, or through the letting go of older ones.

At our church, we love to use this as a time for people to engage with one another and get to know people. Whether that is by participating in one of the home groups we already have, coming along to the Men's Breakfast through the Lenten season on a Wednesday, coming to the Sunday Night Prayer community at 6pm, or joining and forming a temporary home group there are so many options to connect into the lives of others that might otherwise be missed.

Key to Lent is the decision to do something, whether to take on or to let go, that will build intentionally your relationship with God. But we also believe that in the teaching of Jesus that there is nothing holier nor more at the heart of God on this earth than the brother or sister that sits next to you, lives alongside you or that you encounter eye to eye regularly.

If you are interested in coming to be part of a temporary home group, you can collect a form from All Saints' Church that lets us know when you are available and when you are not, so that we can connect you up with others. Otherwise, you can sign up digitally by completing the form here.

The Lenten studies this year vary from the traditional models that comes from both Wellington Diocese and from our own Diocese, alongside a number of options provided by our church subscription to Right Now Media. As a member of our church you have free access to this incredible resource, called "Netflix for Christian" with countless videos and studies that can be engaged with. If you would like access to this subscription, please email the office and we will get you added.

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