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Once upon a Friday night

On Friday, 15 December All Saints' hosted its first ever Community Christmas Movie. With a 6 metre inflatable screen, powerful projector and lots of sausages, the night was the first time we have had a go at gathering people in this way.

While the attendance was not as high as we'd hoped, with around 40 people coming along, the fun and enjoyment was absolutely there. The movie for the night was Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, a Disney classic. With a touching tale of the deeper meaning of Christmas and its centre in love. Following the movie, everyone was able to enjoy a sausage together or some of the various lawn games that had been set up.

The evening ended with a massive water fight, with both Alan and Derry coming under undue attack by the younger people who had gathered for the movie.

It was a wonderful night for one and all and something we will continue to develop in the years ahead.

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