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Preparing for our 150th year

One of the things that marks almost every Sunday at All Saints is the celebration of birthdays. Sometimes on the day, sometimes many days away. Sometimes for those in single digits and sometimes for those breaking triple digits. In the year to come, we are celebrating an extra special birthday - the birthday of All Saints' itself.

Consecrated on June 29th,1875 this week marks the beginning of our 150th year of worship, service and community in Taradale. A core part of the areas founding, All Saints' has served generations of people in Napier and Taradale, with the registers of baptism and weddings a veritable history lesson in the stories of the people of this place.

To celebrate all of this, we are looking to undertake a number of celebratory events, occasions, services and gatherings to bring in the wider community and make a real occasion of it. While some elements are well and truly in the works (liturgical celebrations and community parties) other forms of celebration, fundraising and community event are sought from our wider community as well.

With a staff and volunteer team that is stretched, we are looking for the whole church to step forward with ideas and initiatives to give thanks to God for the years of service All Saints' has offered. If you have an idea for a celebration, a fundraiser, a marketing concept or something you would simply love to see, we encourage you to put pen to paper (or keys to keyboard) and draft a proposal for the consideration of Vestry.

The proposal will outline the event/occasion and explain the purpose of it and how it would work. The more detail and the more preparation you are able to work through the better, but if you have an idea someone will be able to come alongside and help you plot of what may be needed and when it may be best to hold it.

Submissions can be made to the church office and will be considered by a small group and by Vestry before being approved as part of our official programme of celebration and acknowledgement.

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