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Refurbishing the Church Kitchen

The kitchen at All Saints' Church in Taradale is a space that not only serves the church well, but helps to feed and nurture hundreds of people every month who find themselves in need, or have a new child in their household.

While it has and continues to serve the church and community well, there are a few parts of the kitchen that make things more difficult than they need to be. A key part of this is the domestic oven that sits in the corner of the space. The limitations of the oven, especially the hob atop it, in producing heat and managing large quantities of cooking holds back the efficient service needed to make things flow in the space. In place of this, the kitchen will have two stoves installed - one 90cm and the second 60cm - allowing for much more cooking. Alongside this, an induction cooktop will be installed and a French door fridge added to allow for greater efficiency and storage options.

The kitchen work is partly funded by a grant from Eastern and Central Community Trust, independent fundraising and the proceeds of the sale of St Thomas' church.

Have a look at the building spec below which gives you a sense of the development. This image represents the back right hand corner of the kitchen.

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