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The Pink Wheelbarrow

Alan sent me hand over email with a few things to have a go at. The Directory email was the first one, well that went well, you can all call me Sally Spamalot if you like!

The rosters are nearly complete.

And, the Newsletter....... so I have been scratching my head trying to come up with some Blog post and it occurred to me you might all like to see the Pink Wheelbarrow I received for my birthday from my husband and to hear how its all been going since I joined the team?

I can't believe time goes so fast, each day passes in a blur of wonderment and new things to learn. This week I wrestled with the Roster ably assisted by Julie (and Alan setting them up), I'm sure when you receive them you will advise me of any errors and thank you for your patience.

There are so many faces and names to remember and each every one of you so welcoming and willing to help me learn, thank you.

I love the view from the window, the old tree on Puketapu Road red and gold with Autumn, the hill over the back with occasional walkers on the track and most of all the sense of community here at the Church.

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