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Vicarage under renovation

With the release of the funding from the sale of St Thomas' church, the parish has been able to begin some of the deferred maintenance on the church and vicarage at All Saints' Church. We posted some news about the renovation of the kitchen several weeks ago, but we also wanted to keep you up to date with the work in the vicarage.

This work is likely the most significant and expensive we are undertaken in this 'maintenance catch up' period, and reflect the conclusion of significant spending over the past three years to bring the vicarage up to a modern state of repair and condition. Already we have removed and replaced the asbestos fencing around the vicarage, installed a gas hot water supply, replaced the carpet, installed an additional heat pump and done significant work to restore the back yard to being a safe place for small children to play. This work, however, was just the beginning.

Under process at the moment is the following work:

  • Replacement of the shower which has leaked for a number of years. Removal revealed significant damage to the floorboards due to improper installation when first purchased.

  • Full exterior and interior repainting.

  • Construction of a deck extension to allow for great outdoor space and entertainment.

  • The renovation of the kitchen, including new benchtop and appliances.

  • The installation of LED downlights throughout the house to improve the overall lighting conditions.

  • The completion of a landscape design for the backyard to provide playing space and shade for those who live in the vicarage.

The project management of the work was awarded to Reset Construction who have brought in sub-contractors for those spaces they do not work. This has reduced the load of scheduling, management and follow up considerably.

Vicarage's are always fraught places with the Vicar generally having to manage the house as well as the parish budget that funds its maintenance and repair. As a result, the inevitably take the least and generally fall into a poor state of repair. We hope that this work will create a foundation that can be maintained for generations to come so that we will always be able to offer a warm, comfortable and appropriate home for those we call as clergy to our parish.

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