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Annual General Meeting Upcoming

On Sunday, March 10 from 11:30am we will be holding our Annual General Meeting in the Parish Hall at All Saints' Church in Taradale.

Our AGM provides the opportunity for us to explore the wins and challenges of the previous year, to assess our financial position against our vision and mission and to elect members of our church to roles of governance in the church. Much of the documentation that is presently available can be found on our AGM site by clicking here.

A rough outline of the different elected roles in the church was included in a recent bulletin, but the information is also available below. I also encourage those thinking about the roles to review the Diocese of Waiapu handbook that outlines the different roles and their canonical structure in the wider life of the church.

The three key roles we are electing are:

Vestry Representative: The elected representatives form the Vestry alongside the wardens and Vicar, with Treasurer and Synod Representative ex officio. The Vestry is responsible for all things temporal - buildings and finance - as well as to act as guardians of the culture and vision of the parish. The vestry focuses on the future and empowers the executive (Vicar and Wardens) with the daily running of the church.

Peoples' Warden: This warden is the peoples’ voice in the executive of the parish, working closely with the Vicar and Vicar’s warden to oversee the daily life and ministry of the parish. Historically considered to have the 'purse strings of the parish', the role now is to act as a leader and advisor to the Vicar from the perspective of the people of the parish.

Synod Representative: This person represents the parish at our Diocesan Synod and is elected for 2 years. They carry a responsibility of ensuring the tension between the local and the central is maintained in our system of Church governance and to help guide the long-term life of the Diocese. The Synod Representative is a member of Vestry ex officio, but does not carry a voting right within the meeting.

We ask all those who are nominating or putting themselves forward as nominees to prayerfully consider the roles they are stepping into as they will guide the future of our life together as a church. To nominate a member of our church to one of the positions above, please click here.

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